Time's up!

Buzzy Bees Hive

Buzzy Bees Hive is a collection of 10,000 lovely and unique buzzy bees NFTs. They live in the Ethereum blockchain hive, and have been created to help the bees of the real world.

There are 8,899 Workers, 1,000 Drones, 100 Queens and an exclusive Alien Queen. All Bees are programmatically generated using over 200 traits (common, uncommon, rare and epic).

Future airdrops and other perks will be unlocked through roadmap activation, and when this is completed, the Buzzy Bees Hive will also produce $HONEY for their owners.

Up to a total of 100ETH raised with the mint will go towards charity actions to help real world bees. This will be managed through a DAO, and based on democracy: 1 Bee = 1 Vote.




The sun rises in the East and the Buzzy Bees are ready to leave the hive.


10%Easter eggs

Prizes hidden somewhere in the fields.


25%Time to Buzz

It’s work time lazy bees! 600 Buzzy Bees will go out to meet their earliest companions.


50%Return to the Hive

Some bees have worked hard and must return to the hive. Up to 10ETH will be spent in OpenSea to refill the Hive.


75%Bees are Bullish!

And we have seen some Bulls around the Hive. Up to 30ETH in BOTB will meet friendly Bees.


100%Ape shakes the Hive

All the bees in our hive will fly away to meet other bees, and an Ape will befriend a Bee! Up to 50ETH will be used to gift a BAYC to one Bee owner.

Post Roadmap


Yeah! It’s working time

Bees are at work, producing $HONEY for their owners and strengthens the community.


Save the Bees!

In the real-world bees have a critical role in the ecosystems, but they are in danger. Up to 100ETH will go to a charity fund, managed through a DAO, to help worldwide bees.


How do I adopt a Buzzy Bee?

You can adopt a Buzzy Bee directly here, shaking the hive, or on OpenSea.

How do I join the community?

Follow the official Twitter account or come to say hello in the Buzzy Bees Hive Discord server.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. Each Buzzy Bees Hive NFT that you own is truly unique and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Are Buzzy Bees Hive supporting charities?

Yes! Buzzy Bees Hive will allocate up to 100ETH to a charity fund, managed through a DAO, to help worldwide bees. Join the Discord server to learn more.

What inspired Buzzy Bees Hive?

This project has been created by a team of NFT enthusiasts. We believe in the NFT as an expression way and as an instrument to develop support networks for charity.

What can I do with my Buzzy Bees?

Buzzy Bees Hive will produce $HONEY for their owners, and also allow you to get involved through a DAO on the Bees Charity Fund. Anyway, you are free to do anything you want with them under a non-exclusive license.




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